The Associated Carrier Group selects Google as its preferred partner for CBRS SAS Services

De Pere, Wisconsin. (September 30, 2019) – The Associated Carrier Group (ACG)  today announced that it has selected Google  to offer Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) Spectrum Access System (SAS) services to its membership.

The new agreement gives ACG members access to best-in-class SAS services and allows its members to actively pursue rural broadband initiatives. With anticipated speeds of 50-100 Mbps, CBRS will enhance speed while extending coverage and capacity of LTE networks.

CBRS is a unique spectrum sharing model that uses the 3.5 GHz band, often referred to as ‘the innovation band.’ Recognizing that the band’s physical characteristics make it well suited for mobile broadband, the Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) freed up the spectrum for commercial use by establishing CBRS. By utilizing a spectrum sharing approach, CBRS lowers barriers to entry and reduces costs of deployment, while improving data rates and protecting incumbent users of the band.

“An important way we advance Google’s mission is by ensuring  businesses and consumers everywhere have access to high-quality Internet connections ,” said Dave Vadasz, business development lead at Google. “Our agreement with ACG will allow more service providers to take advantage of spectrum sharing, and bring fixed wireless broadband access and additional wireless capacity to underserved areas. We’re excited to see it spawn innovation and opportunities and continue to cultivate a thriving CBRS ecosystem.”

Said Russ Lipinski, president, ACG. “With access to Google’s suite of cloud-based products and services for CBRS, including network planning, reporting tools and a highly reliable Spectrum Access System and Environmental Sensing Capabilities (ESC) network, ACG members will be well positioned for long-term success in spectrum sharing.”

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