Budget Prepay, LLC, Joins The Associated Carrier Group

The Associated Carrier Group, LLC, (ACG) announced today that Budget Prepay, LLC, a Louisiana company, has joined the group of independent tier two and three carriers and increased overall membership to 36 member carriers.  ACG, formed in January 2005, is an alliance of North American CDMA carriers that collaborates efforts to provide timely and competitive value to consumers in member markets while creating efficiencies of scale for device manufacturers and vendors.

“ACG aggregates carrier demand to insure timely availability of innovative wireless devices that consumers demand.” said ACG President Russ Lipinski.  “Our organization provides Member Carriers with a means to work collaboratively with equipment manufacturers and vendors in an effort to bring the latest technologies, competitive value, and greater choice to consumers. In today’s ever changing device ecosystem prudent planning has elevated to become mission critical in CDMA and LTE.  We are pleased to welcome Budget Prepay as the newest member of ACG.”

 “Partnering with ACG is a collaboration that makes sense for our business and our customers,” said Danny Hyde, Chief Executive Officer for Budget Prepay. “As a member of ACG, we hope to expand our industry resources and continue to stay at the forefront of emerging wireless trends and technology.”

Carriers interested in joining ACG or seeking further information visit  www.associatedcarriergroup.com. 

About Budget Prepay

Budget PrePay® is a Louisiana based corporation providing prepaid communication services to individuals and families nationwide since 1996. The early success of home phone services allowed Budget PrePay® to grow into one of the nation’s most diverse mobile prepaid service companies.  As a leader in the prepaid telecom industry, Budget PrePay strives to meet and exceed the ever changing needs and expectations of customers.

About ACG
ACG was formed to benefit both its members and the consumer by facilitating efficient production and marketing of devices as well as increased competition. The consortium enables its members to work with manufacturers, suppliers and other vendors to acquire more timely access to relevant CDMA devices.  ACG presently has twenty-seven Member Carriers based in various markets throughout the United States.   More information is available at http://www.associatedcarriergroup.com.