James Valley Wireless Joins ACG!

James Valley Wireless Joins Associated Carrier Group

ACG / June 24, 2009

The Associated Carrier Group, LLC, (ACG) announced today that James Valley Wireless, a South Dakota company, has joined the group of independent tier two and three carriers and increased overall membership to 29 member carriers.  ACG, formed in January 2005, is an alliance of North American CDMA carriers that collaborates efforts to provide timely and competitive value to consumers in member markets while creating efficiencies of scale for device manufacturers and vendors.

“Our continuous growth helps ACG aggregate carrier demand to insure timely availability of innovative wireless devices that consumers demand.” said ACG President Brian Caraway.  “Our organization provides Member Carriers with a means to work collaboratively with equipment manufacturers and vendors in an effort to bring the latest technologies, competitive value, and greater choice to consumers.   We are pleased to welcome James Valley Wireless as the newest member of ACG.”

“James Valley Wireless is looking forward to the many benefits of being a member of ACG.” stated JVW Chief Executive Officer James Groft. “Being able to procure and market the wireless devices that our consumers demand will greatly enhance our position in the competitive wireless industry.”  

Carriers interested in joining ACG or seeking further information visit  www.associatedcarriergroup.com. 

About James Valley Wireless:
James Valley Wireless is a wholly-owned subsidiary of James Valley Telecommunications, providing high-speed Internet, cell phone, cable TV and phone services to 16 communities in northeast South Dakota. JVT believes in providing its customers simple choices in bundled services, offering those bundles at a fair price that is guaranteed, and backing up their products with the type of quality customer service that each customer deserves. Visit www.jamesvalley.com for more information.

About ACG
ACG was formed to benefit both its members and the consumer by facilitating efficient production and marketing of devices as well as increased competition. The consortium enables its members to work with manufacturers, suppliers and other vendors to acquire more timely access to relevant CDMA devices.  ACG presently has twenty-seven Member Carriers based in various markets throughout the United States.   More information is available at www.associatedcarriergroup.com.